iOS release
5. Jan 2019
Mixing Station

The iOS version has just been release on the apple app store. The download link can be found below. Thanks to all the beta testers and everyone who helped finding bugs and giving suggestions!

Since the review procedure takes longer than on other platforms I will only push updates for the iOS app once it has been proven stable on other platforms.

Release notes can be found here

Download: Mixing Station iOS

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iOS beta – Let the fun begin
26. Okt 2018
Mixing Station

Want to join as a beta tester for the iOS version of Mixing Station?

Open this link on your iOS device and follow the instructions:


Note: Beta builds are only available for 90 days. In that time, all in app payment features can be tested for free.

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Ios beta
25. Okt 2018
Mixing Station

It took a long time but the Ios version of Mixing Station is currently being reviewed by apple.

Since apple does not allow multiple apps of the very same kind there will be only one app in the app store with multiple in app purchase options available.

In contrast to android only the offline mode features will be free. As soon as you want to connect to a mixer you’ll need to get the „pro“ in app purchase.

I plan also to add a „monitor only“ purchase option in the future for musicians who just want to control their own mix, and do not require all the other app features

Before the official release there will be a public beta available.

Here are some screenshots:


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Cross platform!
21. Sep 2018
Mixing Station

Runs everywhere

After a long time of code migration the new app architecture is finally complete.
This means that Mixing Station will soon be available on all major platforms:

  • Android
  • iOS
  • PC / Mac / Linux
  • RPI (optional)



The first rollout will be for android. In theory you should only notice a small difference in text rendering. Everything else should feel and work as before. But since the change was so huge I expect to face some issues. Therefore the beta phase will be rolled out slowly and stay for a couple of weeks.

If you are a beta tester: Please provide feedback! It’s critical for me to know if the app does work for everyone of if there are some issues.



After the android test phase the iOS release will be prepared.

This means I’ll setup a public beta test program as well as a regular release (after Apple hopefully approved the app)

The payment model on this platform will be different from android. As of now the plan is to have a single app which can handle every mixer. Mixer support can be purchased via In-App payment.


This might still take a while since I need to setup a license and payment system first.

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Mixing Station for GLD
22. Jul 2018
Mixing Station

Mixing Station is now available for the Allen & Heath GLD series!
For more information take a look at the app page

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Release Early August
11. Aug 2017
Mixing Station

The next update for Mixing Station will be released today:

  • XM32: V0.065.0
  • XAir: V0.002.0

This time with new features, and some fixes which have annoyed me (and others) for a long time.

The most notable changes are:

  • Default „Follow RTA“ value can now be changed in the app settings: Menu -> Setup -> App -> Mixer -> „RTA Follow“
  • The tag „[chname]“ can be used in as custom UI label for indicating which channel is currently being controlled by the action.
  • New color scheme Solar Dark
  • New color scheme Solar Bright
  • New popup for fine fader view. The default value will be indicates as well as the input meters (when gain is changed).


All changes can be found here:

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More Customization?
7. Aug 2016
Mixing Station

I’m currently working on some exiting new customization feature which will replace the sidebars at some point.

You will be able to freely move, resize and edit all UI elements as you wish.
It will be also possible to define two different layouts for portrait and landscape mode.

Here is a sneak peak of what it will probably look like:



Stay tuned for more information!

Mixing Station…. X Air!
19. Jul 2016
Mixing Station

Mixing Station will be available for the X Air series mixers from Behringer soon.

A beta version of the app will be available starting now.

The beta version does not support the XR12 mixer yet. The XR16, XR18/X18 are supported.
Also some features are still missing, but I’m working on it.


To download the beta version of Mixing Station X Air click the following link:

The app is not visible in the play store until you joined the beta group!

Samsung and Android M solution!
25. Apr 2016
Mixing Station

For the last couple of weeks I did more testing than ever before. I wanted to resolve the wifi issue with Samsung devices and Android 6.
Well apparently that’s not required anymore as Samsung confirmed they screwed up the wifi driver in the latest update.

Here are some sources:

As there is nothing I can do about the current situation the only solution is to wait for the next system update:
„Samsung has received news about these issues and is now planning to release a second version of the Android 6.0.1 update to fix problems with Galaxy devices.“

Even though I had a Galaxy S6 test device I wasn’t able to reproduce the issue. This was due to a newer firmware version which was already installed on the device.
After some talk with some xda developers they confirmed that the OOTB Android 6 version is older on a lot of devices which already have upgraded some weeks ago.

There are some unofficial „solutions“ which may or may not resolve the issue:
Note: I didn’t tried any of these! Do at your own risk.

  • Delete the wifi and add it again
  • Enable developer options-> „Use old DHCP client“
  • Keep wifi always enabled
  • Settings->Backup and Reset->Reset Network
  • Factory reset
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Android M / Samsung issues
21. Mrz 2016
Mixing Station

As some users reported Mixing Station does currently have some issues with Android M (sync does not complete – search works).

I tested the app with the official Android emulator and it runs just fine. As all reports were from users who use Samsung devices I assume it’s a Samsung / Android M related problem.
I’m still trying to get an Android M hardware device to check if the issue also applies to other devices.

Currently the issues was found on the following devices:

  • Galaxy S6
  • Galaxy S6 Edge
  • Note 5

Please let me know if you’re using Android M (with or without issues) so I can track the error down.

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