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2. Dez 2013
Mixing Station

A couple of days ago I released the beta-test version for all users. The update went great, only one crash in nearly 7000 users!

I will from now on release every new update to the beta-testers before publishing it to all users. This should help to find bugs / errors I missed.


By the way:
I just noticed that the X32-Mix app for the iPad is 56MB heavy… I mean thats huuuuge.
What did Behringer do in their app? Only use uncompressed images? 😀

For comparison: Mixing Station currently has a size of ~400kB. Thats 99.3% smaller!

  • Damien

    Behringer should consider paying/hiring you to develop their native Android app!! You are an absolute champion! Have you contacted them about your progress?

    • mick berg

      Your app is excellent and gets better all the time. But I think it would look even better if the
      Buttons were graphic elements. You could make them transparent and put a color and text behind them. And you have no worries about the size of the app! What do you think?
      Maybe the iPad app is big because of its fancy graphics.
      Mick Berg.

      Sorry this should be a reply to David not Damien.

      • davidgiga1993

        I will try to make it look more fancy but I’m not quite sure how :/ But a new button style is good start.
        Also I just took a closer look at the ipad app: most of the size is because of high res images.