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13. Feb 2014
Mixing Station


First of all I’m on vacation from 15.02 till 22.02 so I will not be able to answer emails!

I’m currently working on all the cue / scene features. It shouldn’t take that long anymore until the first release for the beta testers will be finished.

Mixing Stations is now also available on Amazon Appstore BUT it will take much longer for all the kindle users out there to get the updates.

That’s because of amazons stupid validation system. They are manualy checking each app for functionality before releasing to the public. So when I upload a critical update it may take 1-5 days until kindle users will get the new version.

Also someone came up with a quite awesome idea: Internal dca groups. These will work just as regular dca groups but more flexible than the default one on the X32. So you will be able to group let’s say all the drum channels for a monitor mix and change them with one fader.

I thought about extending this functionality to assign any channel to these dca groups and make all the layers customizeable. So in the end you will be able to create / remove and edit all layers  and add custom dca groups to them (or any other channel of course).

But this might take a while cause this will require quite a lot of changes in the code.


  • John Becker

    Hello. Hope you were able to enjoy your time off! I am new to Mixing Station, though I find it very easy to navigate and use. One thing I cannot sort out is the custom buttons feature. Is this supposed to map and display what I’ve already configured for buttons 5 – 12 on my board’s custom buttons, or is it set up within the app? I keep most of my assignments on tab ‚C‘ in my board, and nothing shows within the app. If I try to assign tab ‚A‘ some features, I just see „Not implemented“ show in the Mixing Station app Sorry if I’m misunderstanding something here. I did check the FAQ and I googled a bit before asking. I badly need a tap tempo button for each of 2 delays that I run. Thanks!

    • davidgiga1993

      Hi, yes thanks 🙂
      Well thats a bug I somehow missed in the last versions. If you want to I can send you a link to a developer version where the tap delay is already working again.

      • John Becker

        Yes, definitely! recorner at hotmail . c o m

        Thanks a ton! That’s the one crucial piece I needed in order to work entirely remotely!

      • John Becker

        Good evening. Just wondering if you forgot about me. 🙂 I’d really love to get that dev release with tap tempo! Thanks for all you do!

        • davidgiga1993

          Good morning.
          Oops, I did 😀
          If you want to join the beta team you have to do all the steps listed here:

  • Tim Holden

    Hi David. Tried to find mixing station on the Amazon app store. Can find it on my normal android device but not on my Kindle Fire HD. I know it works – side loaded it – so I guess something on the store is saying it can not run on the fire hd. Is this something you can control or something amazon have messed up?

    • davidgiga1993

      Hi Tim,
      I will take a look at it. I’m not sure how I set it up in the amazon store.

  • Michael Murphy

    Mixing station has now made a turn for the worst,the layer buttons are now far too small along now with the scribble script info is now far too small,why has this been chnged? I have also noticed that the tblet now has problems loading this newinfo, and have also noticed that the battery porwer consumption is a lot more to run the application.the old saying is if it int broke dontfix it.or anyon who has poblem with seeing now will have more difficulty seeing the layer buttons,not a good move.these tabs that have now shrunk need to be clearly vissible at all times when mixing.can you imagine my horror when i turned itall on and was confronted with thes changes, dave you hade the layout lookin reall good before,but now it looks like an amature programe,can you imagine the supprise i got when i turned it on at the gig last night and found these unsubtle changes, was a real culture shock,dont get me wrong what you are doing is quite amazing and i respect that,but please lets be realistic these are not practical changes, i do know others who feel the same way also.please make these tabs and scribble strips more visable.and no dont ask me to re install the previous version? Lol.and what has happened to the customs tab? Can you pleas make these tabs a more practical usable size. Thanks dave,cheers michael

  • Michael Murphy

    Want to revert back to the last version,how do ido this?