New rendering engine
12. Mrz 2014
Mixing Station


I’m currently working on a new rendering engine for mixing station.

After doing some tests I noticed a huge performance boost for the drawing. The faders are moving much smoother.

Also it’s possible to create much more complex layouts than before cause I’m skipping the default android layout system.

I also gave the main page a new look to match the pc version. When everything is working fine with the new render I will slowly replace most of the other views with it.


  • nathanstanford2

    Love the new layout! The only thats gotten me a little is the size of the mute buttons. They’re a little small and just a tad hard to hit. Other than that small issue love everything about this app!!! Thanks for all your hard work!

    • davidgiga1993

      I will make them larger with the next update 🙂

  • Michael Murphy

    hi dave, will you also now be making the font size in the tabs and the channel strips larger also? this will also be more visually helpful

  • Michael Murphy

    cant seem to assign extra channel strips from 8 ch to say 16 ch, after ticking the boxes when I go back to the main screen those channels have not been assigned, why would this be happening? thanks ,michael

  • Sergey Golovin

    Hi, David!

    Thought for improvement:
    In the channel editing icons with inscriptions „GATE“ , „PEQ“ and „DYN“ should turn on / off effect, but tap on the icon effect (under buttons) – open it for editing. In my opinion it will be more logical.

    And one more thing: is it possible to provide the interface button Return (different from the device back button)?

    • davidgiga1993

      I’m not quite sure if I understand your idea correctly.
      You mean a single click on a button should toggle the effect on / off and a longer click should open it for editing?

      Yes a custom back button would be possible but I need the space on the screen for other features.

  • Sergey Golovin

    David, I’m sorry for the bad explanation. See the picture

  • lawrence

    Love the newer interface also ….. used the system on the 16th for our second time to do a complete mix. I’m finding Mixing Station to actually be more versatile than running the board. If I knew it was going to be this good I would have honestly just got the X32 Rack instead. Keep going David …..

  • First of all, thank you for the brilliant work! Request: What is the likelihood of maintaining the downloaded X32 settings so they may be reviewed/altered when offline? Having the option to do a batch download and upload to update settings from Mixing Station would also be a very nice enhancement.

    If this program does nothing more than keep up with X32 firmware updates, it will still be a much needed tool for the Android based X32 user community. Thanks again!

  • ronald


    I have the donate version and I am very satisfied. my respectful!!!

    but why can not program a double function on the channel?

    1. send on fader is not pressed on, to edit the channel normally.

    2. is sent on fader choosed, is the same as the x32 console, on the right side you can set the sending shares on the bus

    now where you can set the layer so great, would then a few clicks less…?

    best regards


  • Michael Murphy

    in the new update version 50.6, when offline,when trying to set up 16 channels on one laye,r why cant i now assign extra channel strips from 8 ch to say 16 ch,in one layer like before, when I go back to the main screen those channels have
    not been assigned, why would this be happening? is this only now because i,m off line??? thanks michael

    • davidgiga1993

      Did you change the „max visible channels“ setting to 16?

      • Michael Murphy

        thanks dave i worked it out after i sent you the message, thanks for the quick reply, cheers, michael

  • Lemonpoo

    The new rendering engine and new layout is a huge improvement. I am more impressed with the functionality you add with every release – thank you! I would like to suggest adding a volume fader to the USB player page. There are many times that I would find this useful. Thanks again and keep up the great work!