X32 channel link measurement
23. Aug 2014

Some X32 users reported a sound change when linking 2 (already) hard panned channels. So I thought it would be good to measure what’s happening.


Interface: Saffire Pro 24

Signal path

Reference: Interface Out –> Interface In 3

Measure: Interface Out –> X32 Aux In 1 (routed to CH 01 and CH 02)

X32 Main out (Out 15, 16) -> Interface In 1, 2

X32 Setup

Firmware 2.06

Aux In 1 is routed to CH 01 and CH 02. CH 01 is hard panned to the left  and CH 02 hard panned to the right

Every processing is disabled on CH 01, 02 and MainLR (No gate, no eq, no inserts, …)


Note: Goal of the measurement is to detect a relative difference, not a absolute value!

X32 LR



This measurement shows the frequency response of the complete X32 signal path (In+Out)

As you can see the two curves (green and blue) match eachother. This shows us that the left and right channel are exactly the same.

So let’s save the curve and link the two channels.


X32 LR compare

As you can see the blue and green curve is still the same. The only difference is a drop in comparison to the pink curve (saved measurement from above).

I did not change any volumes, trims or gains while running the measurement.

This shows us that the only difference between a linked and unlinked channel is a volume drop.

  • bergerle

    I don’t know your software and what exactly it shows, but I noticed that the amplitudes differ bay a factor of about 2, so the 2 signals would kind of add up to the original one. but still I have no idea, why this happens…

    • Alex Barrett

      His software shows the the frequency response is not altered by linking channels. From what i gather some people said that stereo linked channels sound different. Due to the level difference this can give a percieved change in sound. ie louder sounds better (even though it sounds the same just different volume)

  • Alex Barrett

    This is to do with the panning law used when dealing with stereo sources. you get a drop of about 3dB when signals are panned hard left and right. pan them centre and you will see the level return but obviously its now mono.

    No bugs this is how its supposed to be. and nothing to do with mixing station

    • davidgiga1993

      No it hasn’t todo with the panning law. In the test, both channels were panned hard to LR all the time, so no mono summing at all. The test shows the the level of two channel changes when lhey’re linked together.

      • Alex Barrett

        sorry i havnt explained this very well but it is indeed due to panning law. As described by the people at behringer themselfs.

        „Dear Guys,

        What you are describing is the effect of the „panning law“. To prevent
        from having the signal 3dB louder when the channels are panned hard left
        and hard right the level will be decreased by this amount when linking

        Hope this helps.

        Best Regards,

        Joe Sanborn

        Manager, Product Support

        MUSIC Group


        • davidgiga1993

          Ah okay, thanks for the explanation 🙂