New Gate / Dynamic Views
3. Okt 2014
Mixing Station

I added some fancy features to the gate and dynamic views:

You can now change the threshold and ratio / range by dragging the points inside the diagram.
In addition to that the pre / post and gain reduction singal is now shown as time based diagram in the background.

new gate view

new dynamic view

  • Uwe Prenner

    Hello David,

    good job you did create a great app.

    Just one question on my x32 Producer is everything good, instead of the Assign Buttons wich dosn’t funktion at all.

    Sorry that I post this here, but I find no better place for it.

    Greets from Cologne


    • davidgiga1993

      Hello Uwe,
      Which functions did you assign to the custom buttons?
      I only implemented the mute and tap time function yet.


      • Uwe Prenner

        Hello David,

        I just assign the USB-Player (Play/Stop/Record) and some page assign for direct access.

        But also the Page Buttons (Page A, B, C) of the assignment dosen’t funktion.
        Because the x32 Producer dosen’t have the Page Buttons this would be great for
        direct access.
        I’m looking forward for a next relase of your great app in the next half year.


  • Paul Vannatto

    Hi David,

    Very nice added features. Is it possible to add options to have those time based diagrams on or off? The compressor one was very helpful this weekend. But the gate one kept freezing (for seconds at a time) and I didn’t find it that useful. Just a thought.


    • davidgiga1993

      Hi Paul,
      Sure! I will add an option to the „App Setup“ page with the next update