Mixing Station ….?
9. Feb 2016
Mixing Station

Mixing Station is currently available for over 10 Mixers from 3 different manufactures.
My plan for the future is to further extend the compatibility and include other manufactures.
Therefore I wanted to ask you which mixer should be supported next.



Next mixer support?

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  • Marek Jansk√Ĺ

    Overall Midas PRO series whould be awesome to implement. Or just those smaller frames, PRO1, PRO2, PRO2C.

    • davidgiga1993

      Yes I would also like to cover as much mixers as possible from a model series but the big problem (as always) is proper testing. I would require access to all of the mixers for testing which is not that easy.

      • Justin Sturdee

        Where are you based?
        I reckon if you found a local house of worship near you, they would let you access the mixer for the purposes of creating the app

        • davidgiga1993

          Sorry for the late reply. I’m located near Walldorf in Germany.

          • Sean Miller

            Wow…I am in baumholder with a studiolive 24.4.2 AI.
            I would LOVE to get the studiolive protocol reverse engineered

    • OlavMoen

      Is that even possible? Midas own online tool for the pro-series (ipad) is pretty much limited to setting levels for AUX-mixes, and I suspect their network implementation is limited accordingly. They do OTOH have a full-featured offline editor, but you have to go via a USB-stick to exchange configs.

  • David Winter

    SL and SL Ai would be nice, too.

    • Justin Sturdee


  • Geren W. Mortensen, Jr.

    I’d like to add a request for the Mackie DL1608 as well as the DL32R. Thanks!

  • Tamas Borsodi

    Excellent work!
    Please let the next project is Midas pro1-2.
    At this moment these work in ipad only.

  • Christian Ertle

    Behringer XR -Series would be nice. Maybe the contract with Behringer prevents you for doing this. Many Greetings

  • Stewart Morgan

    It would be great if you could include the Digico S21, please!

    • davidgiga1993

      I would love to do that but the problem is (as alwys) documentation. Since there is none I would need a S21 to reverse engineer the protocol. These are currently a little to pricy for my taste.

      • Stewart Morgan

        Hi David! Thanks for your reply. I have access to a S21, but as you mentioned, there is no documentation for the protocol yet. I spoke to one of Digico’s developers, and he mentioned that a big update and (hopefully) the iPad and PC remote app are coming out this summer. Do you think they will use OSC as the protocol?

        • davidgiga1993

          Yes I think so. All the other Digico mixers are also using OSC for the iPad app. But still there is no documentation for it.
          You basically would have to record the network traffic between the iPad (or pc app) while connecting and then for every parameter change on the mixer to get the correct commands (and value ranges).
          Maybe the initial connection data would be enough to develop an emulator so the iPad app can connect to it. Then you just would have to change the values from the iPad app and see what it sends to the emulator.

          • Stewart Morgan

            This is great David! Thanks for the information. I will keep my eyes peeled for the update and the app release. Once they are out I will try what you suggested and get back to you. Thank you!!

  • John Taylor

    Hi I just wanted to know if development for mixing station to support presonus products will still happen?

  • Barri Floyd

    I vote for presonus, because who have a expensive mixer probably have also an ipad. So, cheaper mixer equal to bigger needed. =)

  • Justin Sturdee

    Having used a Presonus StudioLive. I hope to never have to use one again.
    My vote is for a real mixing desk, the GLD Series

    • OlavMoen

      With support already for the Qu there may be some synergies. I’d be surprised if A&H had reinvented all the networking code for each console series.

      • davidgiga1993

        Mixing Station Qu uses the midi tcp protocol which is sadly very buggy. In case of A&H they did use different type of protocols for the ilive and gld, at least to my knowledge. Midas also changed their protocol between the midas pro series and M32.
        Soundcraft for example uses the same protocol across all mixers.

        • Justin Sturdee

          Sooo? Any support for GLD?

          If you came to Australia i could give you access to a GLD