Samsung and Android M solution!
25. Apr 2016
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For the last couple of weeks I did more testing than ever before. I wanted to resolve the wifi issue with Samsung devices and Android 6.
Well apparently that’s not required anymore as Samsung confirmed they screwed up the wifi driver in the latest update.

Here are some sources:

As there is nothing I can do about the current situation the only solution is to wait for the next system update:
„Samsung has received news about these issues and is now planning to release a second version of the Android 6.0.1 update to fix problems with Galaxy devices.“

Even though I had a Galaxy S6 test device I wasn’t able to reproduce the issue. This was due to a newer firmware version which was already installed on the device.
After some talk with some xda developers they confirmed that the OOTB Android 6 version is older on a lot of devices which already have upgraded some weeks ago.

There are some unofficial „solutions“ which may or may not resolve the issue:
Note: I didn’t tried any of these! Do at your own risk.

  • Delete the wifi and add it again
  • Enable developer options-> „Use old DHCP client“
  • Keep wifi always enabled
  • Settings->Backup and Reset->Reset Network
  • Factory reset
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  • Captain Betty

    I think I’m experiencing this on my Samsung Tab E 9.6″. Will have to try the suggestions. It’s very random that the connection drops. I had my laptop connected via the Behringer x32 app wirelessly at the same time and it continues to function when the tablet dies.

    Also tried looking at the app diagnostics (does some sort of ping test along with something called „interference“… not sure what that tells me.

    I’m really nervous about using this live, but will have my laptop as a backup.