Mixing Station…. X Air!
19. Jul 2016
Mixing Station

Mixing Station will be available for the X Air series mixers from Behringer soon.

A beta version of the app will be available starting now.

The beta version does not support the XR12 mixer yet. The XR16, XR18/X18 are supported.
Also some features are still missing, but I’m working on it.


To download the beta version of Mixing Station X Air click the following link:


The app is not visible in the play store until you joined the beta group!

  • Brombär Haargeel

    Hallo David,
    danke, dass du so eine wohlüberlegte App herausbringst. Ich habe die pro Version für xr 18. Die Hardware habe ich noch nicht, aber eine Frage: Im offline Modus sieht man auf der Seite mit den Effekten nicht die Bildchen der Geräte mit den Reglern, sondern nur die Regler selber. Mir als Anfänger würde es helfen, auf dem Tablet die Regler „am Gerät“ bedienen zu können. Geht das, sobald eine Verbindung zur Hardware besteht, oder bleibt es dann bei der „nur Regler Ansicht“?
    Schöne Grüße

    • davidgiga1993

      Aktuell haben einige FX eine spezielle Ansicht, wie z.B. der Combinator, Deesser, ect.
      Alle anderen haben die standard Ansicht. Grund dafür ist, dass es sehr viel Zeit kostet für jeden FX eine eigene Ansicht zu entwickeln.

  • Tobe Forne

    Habe sie mir testweise besorgt und bin sehr froh über deine App! Im Vergleich zur Behringer Software eine deutliche Bereicherung. Leider unterstützt deine Software das Modell X18 scheinbar nicht. Ich überlege aktuell ob ich mir X18 oder XR18 zulegen soll… Ist Support für X18 in Zukunft geplant? Gruß Tobi

  • Dzix

    Where can I find the monitor options?
    Sources monitor etc

    • davidgiga1993

      Hi, It’s not yet implemented.
      But I will add it in the future

  • Russel

    How do I access mute groups?

    • davidgiga1993

      Double tap with two fingers on the screen. It will open the mutegroup popup.

      • Russel

        Thanks! Used Mixing Station live today for the first time on a Samsung TabA 9.7. It works well. I like the overlays better than XAir (which I have been using live for over a year) but I did run into a problem today. I prefer the channel mutes at the bottom of the channel strips. I un-muted a channel today during live performance (I am the audio tech as well as part of the group) and inadvertently solo’d the channel at the same time (I know, should be obvious, but not if you don’t spend much time eyeing the display). Our Keyboard player was using the monitor channel as an output for a personal monitor mix and so had a solo vocal mix. She managed to play out the song, but was not happy about the mistake. It is too easy to make this mistake on a touch interface. I hid the Solo buttons in the channel options, but I would prefer the Mute buttons be isolated at the bottom of the strip so I can’t fat-finger them. Thanks for a great app. It works better than XAir in most regards. I plan to upgrade to Pro.

  • Dan Nobles

    Just found this app, been using the Behringer one for bit. Impressed. I was looking for something to run on my phone so I could control play back etc.. on break while not walking back to my tablet on stage, too much a pain to take it off. So far very impressive. One thing, what’s the extra features in the PRO version? Likely get it as soon as I do a bit of testing anyway but like to know what extra’s are there.

    • Dan Nobles

      Never mind found the documentation. Always right after I give up looking, I look once more and find it.