More Customization?
7. Aug 2016
Mixing Station

I’m currently working on some exiting new customization feature which will replace the sidebars at some point.

You will be able to freely move, resize and edit all UI elements as you wish.
It will be also possible to define two different layouts for portrait and landscape mode.

Here is a sneak peak of what it will probably look like:



Stay tuned for more information!

  • Vali Matieș

    It is the best solutin for what I want.
    First of all thanks for your time to make this big app that help us, the Behringer X32 users..
    I have some things to say, mkre like a feedback to the latest version:
    – the PEQ and DYN tabs are inverted. The first tab it have to be dyn and near is peq.
    – why didn’t you used the original names, like „Home“ insteed „Overview“, or „EQ“ insteed „PEQ“
    – when I switch from some of controls on mixer the android interface change also, but not all of the views. Why didn’t you make this from android to mixer too?! When I change from Ch1-8 to Ch9-16 page automaticaly on mixer change too… Or from Home to config, to PEQ or other page…
    – I miss the Scene Save option. I have Load option from „folder“ icon, but not the Save option… It will be grate this function…

    Sorry for my english, I’m from Romania (Europe)…
    Best regards,

  • Klaus Löhmann

    I’m running the last beta on a Chuwi Tablet with Remix-OS. It works like a charm, thanks for that fantastic application. After one day fiddling with the custom-layout, i arrived at this:
    The masterchannel at the right is a single channel strip, but tapping on the eq should open the eq-view, which actually does not happen. Tapping on the eq in the mixer works like expected.
    For the Bus- and FX-Buttons at the right i have a feature request. A normal clic changes to SoF (btw i love that fact that it s a toggle button) , i would love to be able to open with a long clic on the busses the eq-view and for the fx’s the fx-view.
    I also tried (with SoF and No-SoF Visibility) to show in SoF-Mode the corresponding Bus-out Strip instead of the Master-strip, but i didnt succeeded.
    Another (insignificiant) issue is that at connection, the app shows the real name and not the alias.
    Keep going, you are doing a great job.

  • Joel Tapia

    I just updated the last version in 2 devices galaxy s4 phone (working perfectly ) and galaxy tab pro 12.2 and it doesn’t start, it quits. Can someone help please. This the best app for mixing in MX32

    • davidgiga1993

      Can you send me your app settings file? It can be found in the internal storage under „MixingStation/settings.dson“
      My mail is david at

  • Don Wieland

    Great Product! I bought the PRO version.

    Do not know if there is a feature request engine for this app, but I thought of a few that would make it more user friendly:

    1) The ability to add a CUSTOM BUTTON to a section of the UI in a LAYER. In my case, I typically hang out on a DCA layer and it would be nice to have my TAP DELAY BUTTON on that screen.

    2) The APP has all the key elements for control, but it would be nice to control those elements more efficiently. For example I would love it if I could build a mix (UI/Layer) for each musician’s monitor mix. In essence, all the instrument channels and MASTER limited to ja specified MIX BUS. Even better, added a Profile Menu to your startup screen where the user can select the appropriate profile (password optional) and it would load that configuration.