Release Early August
11. Aug 2017
Mixing Station

The next update for Mixing Station will be released today:

  • XM32: V0.065.0
  • XAir: V0.002.0

This time with new features, and some fixes which have annoyed me (and others) for a long time.

The most notable changes are:

  • Default „Follow RTA“ value can now be changed in the app settings: Menu -> Setup -> App -> Mixer -> „RTA Follow“
  • The tag „[chname]“ can be used in as custom UI label for indicating which channel is currently being controlled by the action.
  • New color scheme Solar Dark
  • New color scheme Solar Bright
  • New popup for fine fader view. The default value will be indicates as well as the input meters (when gain is changed).


All changes can be found here:

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