Cross platform!
21. Sep 2018
Mixing Station

Runs everywhere

After a long time of code migration the new app architecture is finally complete.
This means that Mixing Station will soon be available on all major platforms:

  • Android
  • iOS
  • PC / Mac / Linux
  • RPI (optional)



The first rollout will be for android. In theory you should only notice a small difference in text rendering. Everything else should feel and work as before. But since the change was so huge I expect to face some issues. Therefore the beta phase will be rolled out slowly and stay for a couple of weeks.

If you are a beta tester: Please provide feedback! It’s critical for me to know if the app does work for everyone of if there are some issues.



After the android test phase the iOS release will be prepared.

This means I’ll setup a public beta test program as well as a regular release (after Apple hopefully approved the app)

The payment model on this platform will be different from android. As of now the plan is to have a single app which can handle every mixer. Mixer support can be purchased via In-App payment.


This might still take a while since I need to setup a license and payment system first.

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