X32 channel link measurement
23. Aug 2014

Some X32 users reported a sound change when linking 2 (already) hard panned channels. So I thought it would be good to measure what’s happening.


Interface: Saffire Pro 24

Signal path

Reference: Interface Out –> Interface In 3

Measure: Interface Out –> X32 Aux In 1 (routed to CH 01 and CH 02)

X32 Main out (Out 15, 16) -> Interface In 1, 2

X32 Setup

Firmware 2.06

Aux In 1 is routed to CH 01 and CH 02. CH 01 is hard panned to the left  and CH 02 hard panned to the right

Every processing is disabled on CH 01, 02 and MainLR (No gate, no eq, no inserts, …)


Note: Goal of the measurement is to detect a relative difference, not a absolute value!

X32 LR



This measurement shows the frequency response of the complete X32 signal path (In+Out)

As you can see the two curves (green and blue) match eachother. This shows us that the left and right channel are exactly the same.

So let’s save the curve and link the two channels.


X32 LR compare

As you can see the blue and green curve is still the same. The only difference is a drop in comparison to the pink curve (saved measurement from above).

I did not change any volumes, trims or gains while running the measurement.

This shows us that the only difference between a linked and unlinked channel is a volume drop.

New feature / bug tracking system
29. Jan 2014

I just setup a new site for feature and bug tracking.
So if you want to request a feature or report a bug / crash just go to


and click on „Open a new Task anonymously“.


Short downtime
30. Dez 2013

I’m currently changing some server backend stuff so there might be a short downtime the next few hours.
Just in case you were wondering 🙂

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New features
14. Okt 2013

I thought I give you a short update about the things I’m working on.

The next version will have a better color selector for the channel strip. Also there will be 4 or 8 channels on one page when editing the strip (depending on the screen size and resolution)

Also I will remove some older code parts to reduce the app size.

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New website
9. Okt 2013

I just changed the backend for my website.

There may be still some errors so sorry for that 🙂

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