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9. Feb 2016
Mixing Station

Mixing Station is currently available for over 10 Mixers from 3 different manufactures.
My plan for the future is to further extend the compatibility and include other manufactures.
Therefore I wanted to ask you which mixer should be supported next.



Next mixer support?

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New bug tracking system
15. Jan 2015
Mixing Station

I just migrated to a new bug tracking system.

New bug reports / feature request can now be submited via this link:


You can also register on phabricator with your google or disqus account if you want to comment on tasks or start writing on the new wiki page.

It’s currently quite empty but I will add some content soon.

New Gate / Dynamic Views
3. Okt 2014
Mixing Station

I added some fancy features to the gate and dynamic views:

You can now change the threshold and ratio / range by dragging the points inside the diagram.
In addition to that the pre / post and gain reduction singal is now shown as time based diagram in the background.

new gate view

new dynamic view

New rendering engine
12. Mrz 2014
Mixing Station


I’m currently working on a new rendering engine for mixing station.

After doing some tests I noticed a huge performance boost for the drawing. The faders are moving much smoother.

Also it’s possible to create much more complex layouts than before cause I’m skipping the default android layout system.

I also gave the main page a new look to match the pc version. When everything is working fine with the new render I will slowly replace most of the other views with it.


New version at the end of the week
4. Mrz 2014
Mixing Station

It’s been quite a while since the last update but I’m happy to announce that I’m nearly finished with rewriting the app. It also already contains some new features and a lot of bug fixes.

It’s now even possible to restrict the access to some functions. This will help customize the app for fixed instalations.

Also the layer logic is completely new:

It’s possible to add, rename, reorder and remove any layer. When you save a layer the complete collection will be saved in one file. Also all layer remain visible in sends on fader mode. Only the channels that are not usable for the particular mix will be invisible.

I also changed the style of the meter bars cause they are more accurate and I want to include a peak hold function later.

The peq knobs in the channel overview are now removed. In the final version they will be replaced with a small peq graph.

One disadvantage of the new version is a higher memory consumption. But it should still work on devices with less ram.


So that’s it for now.

Hope you will like the new version

Cue / Show management and more awesome stuff
13. Feb 2014
Mixing Station


First of all I’m on vacation from 15.02 till 22.02 so I will not be able to answer emails!

I’m currently working on all the cue / scene features. It shouldn’t take that long anymore until the first release for the beta testers will be finished.

Mixing Stations is now also available on Amazon Appstore BUT it will take much longer for all the kindle users out there to get the updates.

That’s because of amazons stupid validation system. They are manualy checking each app for functionality before releasing to the public. So when I upload a critical update it may take 1-5 days until kindle users will get the new version.

Also someone came up with a quite awesome idea: Internal dca groups. These will work just as regular dca groups but more flexible than the default one on the X32. So you will be able to group let’s say all the drum channels for a monitor mix and change them with one fader.

I thought about extending this functionality to assign any channel to these dca groups and make all the layers customizeable. So in the end you will be able to create / remove and edit all layers  and add custom dca groups to them (or any other channel of course).

But this might take a while cause this will require quite a lot of changes in the code.


Firmware 2.0, X18 and Midas M32
24. Jan 2014
Mixing Station


I just saw the new features in 2.0 and I’m blown away! Also the X18 sounds very promissing for small / simple things.

Anyway I will start development for 2.0 today! Also Mixing Station should work with the Midas M32 if they are using the same protocol (what I expect cause the firmware looks the same).

When I’m finished with the 2.0 update I will start developing a app for the X18 (I read somewhere that Behringer also want to release an android version like they said last 2 years, is that correct?)

Effects and more
6. Jan 2014
Mixing Station

I just finished the next beta version.
You can now change every effect parameter of every effect. I’m currently using a generic user interface for all effects to save some time while developing.
Also I fixed some bugs/crashes with the layer save/load function.
And last but not least I fixed some graphic bugs that appear at a certain resolution.

The version will be uploaded in 1-2 days for all beta tester.

New beta version
26. Dez 2013
Mixing Station

I just uploaded a new beta version.
+ channel config view
+ output routing
+ data loading changed (is it slower or faster?)
+ custom layer can now be saved/loaded (stored on sd card)
+ new button design
+ larger font for 7″ devices

Development progresss
19. Dez 2013
Mixing Station

I stopped development for the last 1.5 weeks due to my exams for this semester. I will continue working on new features in about one week.
My goal is to add a custom layer save/load function and the channel config view before 2014 🙂

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