Cue / Show management and more awesome stuff
13. Feb 2014
Mixing Station


First of all I’m on vacation from 15.02 till 22.02 so I will not be able to answer emails!

I’m currently working on all the cue / scene features. It shouldn’t take that long anymore until the first release for the beta testers will be finished.

Mixing Stations is now also available on Amazon Appstore BUT it will take much longer for all the kindle users out there to get the updates.

That’s because of amazons stupid validation system. They are manualy checking each app for functionality before releasing to the public. So when I upload a critical update it may take 1-5 days until kindle users will get the new version.

Also someone came up with a quite awesome idea: Internal dca groups. These will work just as regular dca groups but more flexible than the default one on the X32. So you will be able to group let’s say all the drum channels for a monitor mix and change them with one fader.

I thought about extending this functionality to assign any channel to these dca groups and make all the layers customizeable. So in the end you will be able to create / remove and edit all layers  and add custom dca groups to them (or any other channel of course).

But this might take a while cause this will require quite a lot of changes in the code.


Firmware 2.0, X18 and Midas M32
24. Jan 2014
Mixing Station


I just saw the new features in 2.0 and I’m blown away! Also the X18 sounds very promissing for small / simple things.

Anyway I will start development for 2.0 today! Also Mixing Station should work with the Midas M32 if they are using the same protocol (what I expect cause the firmware looks the same).

When I’m finished with the 2.0 update I will start developing a app for the X18 (I read somewhere that Behringer also want to release an android version like they said last 2 years, is that correct?)

Effects and more
6. Jan 2014
Mixing Station

I just finished the next beta version.
You can now change every effect parameter of every effect. I’m currently using a generic user interface for all effects to save some time while developing.
Also I fixed some bugs/crashes with the layer save/load function.
And last but not least I fixed some graphic bugs that appear at a certain resolution.

The version will be uploaded in 1-2 days for all beta tester.

New beta version
26. Dez 2013
Mixing Station

I just uploaded a new beta version.
+ channel config view
+ output routing
+ data loading changed (is it slower or faster?)
+ custom layer can now be saved/loaded (stored on sd card)
+ new button design
+ larger font for 7″ devices

Development progresss
19. Dez 2013
Mixing Station

I stopped development for the last 1.5 weeks due to my exams for this semester. I will continue working on new features in about one week.
My goal is to add a custom layer save/load function and the channel config view before 2014 🙂

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New Design or keep the current?
3. Dez 2013
Mixing Station

Some people asked me to make the user interface more „fancy“. I developed a prototype similar to the ipad app:



What do you think? Should I use the new design or keep the current one?

Current release, new release cycles
2. Dez 2013
Mixing Station

A couple of days ago I released the beta-test version for all users. The update went great, only one crash in nearly 7000 users!

I will from now on release every new update to the beta-testers before publishing it to all users. This should help to find bugs / errors I missed.


By the way:
I just noticed that the X32-Mix app for the iPad is 56MB heavy… I mean thats huuuuge.
What did Behringer do in their app? Only use uncompressed images? 😀

For comparison: Mixing Station currently has a size of ~400kB. Thats 99.3% smaller!

Advanced Input Routing
19. Nov 2013
Mixing Station

I just developed a new view for easier input assigment:

It will be soon available for all beta testers!

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18. Nov 2013
Mixing Station

How to get beta access (Free and Donate version)

Free version

Click on this link

Professional version

Click on this link

If not already done install mixing station.
You will now get the beta version as a regular update in your google play store on your device.
It might take some time (5 minutes up to 24 hours) until an update will be shown.

Attention If you uninstall the app you will leave the beta program automatically. To join again, just click on the link.

Fine control for all knobs and beta testing
18. Nov 2013
Mixing Station

Fine Knob Control
I just added a horizontal fader for finer value adjustment.
You will be able to open the fader by press and hold a knob.
The fine control fader will be included with the next (big) update.
Only 1-2 bugs left to fix.

I will publish the next update here for beta testing before uploading it to the play store.

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