Advanced Input Routing
19. Nov 2013
Mixing Station

I just developed a new view for easier input assigment:

It will be soon available for all beta testers!

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18. Nov 2013
Mixing Station

How to get beta access (Free and Donate version)

Free version

Click on this link

Professional version

Click on this link

If not already done install mixing station.
You will now get the beta version as a regular update in your google play store on your device.
It might take some time (5 minutes up to 24 hours) until an update will be shown.

Attention If you uninstall the app you will leave the beta program automatically. To join again, just click on the link.

Fine control for all knobs and beta testing
18. Nov 2013
Mixing Station

Fine Knob Control
I just added a horizontal fader for finer value adjustment.
You will be able to open the fader by press and hold a knob.
The fine control fader will be included with the next (big) update.
Only 1-2 bugs left to fix.

I will publish the next update here for beta testing before uploading it to the play store.

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Next update soon!
10. Nov 2013
Mixing Station

I finished rewriting all old code. Based on performance measurements the next version is 28% faster and about 50% smaller than the current version!
Also I already included a bus-sends view for the channels.
I’m currently testing everything for bugs and other stuff. When my available time stays the same I will release the update within next week 🙂


Ah forgot a new feature: All channels are now available for the custom layer.(Meters will not be shown with every combination due tue limitations of the x32)



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Performance and more
5. Nov 2013
Mixing Station

For the last couple of days I rewrote the entire codebase of mixingstation. I was able to remove about 1000 lines of code and increase the overall performance. As the next step I will test every feature for bugs and fix them (of course) 🙂
Because of the new codebase the app will also be more flexible. E.g. you will be able to customise every layer!

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New internal structure
29. Okt 2013
Mixing Station

For future updates and more features I will rewrite the internal structure of the app.
This is not necessary but it will help to remove bugs and let me more easily add new features.
Also it should make the app faster and (much) more flexible.
This may take some time cause I’m currently not able to develop more than 1-2 hours per day but it will be worth it 🙂

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Tap-Delay and bug fix
21. Okt 2013
Mixing Station

The next version will include tap-delay buttons and a bug fix for reconnecting.

Since the custom button thing is quite complex I had to change some internal data structures of the app.

I try to release the next update at the end of this week 🙂

New features
14. Okt 2013

I thought I give you a short update about the things I’m working on.

The next version will have a better color selector for the channel strip. Also there will be 4 or 8 channels on one page when editing the strip (depending on the screen size and resolution)

Also I will remove some older code parts to reduce the app size.

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Release version 0.020
11. Okt 2013
Mixing Station

Tonight I will release version 0.020 including:

  • Lowcut PEQ view fix
  • Channel name and color changeing
  • Reset EQ and EQ-Band option

I’m currently testing all new features to make it (hopefully) bugfree.

New website
9. Okt 2013

I just changed the backend for my website.

There may be still some errors so sorry for that 🙂

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