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What is Mixing Station?

Mixing Station is an Android/iOS app for remote controlling digital mixing consoles.
It’s designed for musicians as well as professional audio engineers. Features like the customizable user interface helps you to speed up your mixing process.
The app even supports USB midi devices for remote controlling.

Rely on a 3rd party app?

Some users might argue that third party apps are not as stable or don’t have proper support.
With Mixing Station this is not the case. Each release runs through more than 8000 automated tests and gets validated by beta testers.
Although Mixing Station gets only developed by myself (in my free time) I usually can answer most of the support mails in a day.

Available versions (Android)

Each version is for controlling a different mixer series.
There is a free and professional app available for each of the versions.

Available version (iOS)

Ios has a single app with multiple in app purchase options for the different console models.

Click the app store icon for more details.

Feature request

Missing any feature? Found a bug you want to get fixed?
Please use this link to submit your feature request and/or bug reports.


This app is a product of my free time! If you want to support me please buy the professional version of the app.
A manual can be found here