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App settings

This page gives an overview over the available app settings

Open settings

The app settings can be opened via the menu from the mixer view

Menu -> Setup -> App

General settings


In the general tab, all settings which affect the whole app are shown. You can press the ? for more details. Some special settings are explained here in more detail.

Layer channel change

By default the <- and -> buttons in the channel view will go to the next / previous channel of the mixer, regardless of the current layer configuration in the app. Enabling this option will follow the layer configuration instead.


The option is enabled and your current layer configuration looks like this

    Ch 1
    Ch 2
    Ch 3
    Ch 5
    Ch 11
    Ch 13
    Ch 14

Opening Ch 5 and pressing the -> will change the view to Ch 11 instead of Ch 6

USB Midi

Enables the USB midi stack. This should only be enabled if you're using this functionality as it consumes more battery


These settings are related to the mixer and channel views

Gate/Dyn Timeline

Enables a history plot of the gate/dynamics input and gain reduction signal. timeline


Enables a midas pro style popgroup functionality. When tapping on a channel button of a DCA/group the assigned channels will be shown in the mixer instead of opening the DCA/group. To edit an DCA/IDCA while popgroup mode is enabled press and hold the channel button.


When selecting an IDCA in popgroup mode the shown channels do not follow the currently selected sends on fader selection. Instead the assigned target mix of the IDCA will be used.

Channel strip

These settings are only related to the channel strips

Fine fader ratio

Changes the sensitivity of the fader when fine mode is enabled

Channel click

Changes the behavior when taping a channel button

Channel long click

Changes the behavior when long pressing a channel button