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For pc only one app is distributed. This app can control all mixers and is only available as "pro" version. You can use all features of the app in the offline mode for free. As soon as you want to connect to a mixer it's required to buy the app for the mixer model you want to connect to.


  • Operating system: Windows 10 (x64), OSX 10.9 or later, Linux (arm64, x64)
  • Screen: Any screen works - multi screen is only supported if they are the same size.
  • Touchscreen: Multitouch is supported on windows 10 - untested on any other OS.

Please make sure the app is working in offline mode before purchasing any licenses!

Settings locations

All settings and license files are stored in one folder

OS Location
Windows %USERPFORILE%/MixingStation
OSX %HOME%/MixingStation
Linux %HOME%/MixingStation

License files

Make sure to keep a backup of your license files in case of data loss!


Mixing Station tries to honor the scaling option of the OS. If for whatever reason the UI is too large to too small you can manually adjust the scaling in the global app settings. See settings for more details

Keyboard shortcuts

This section is work in progress.

Key Function View
Left Previous channel Channel view
Right Next channel Channel view
Up Previous layer Mixer
Down Next layer Mixer

Program arguments

You can provide additional the following arguments to mixing station.

Parameter Description Purpose
-appSeries Which mixer series to use (PC/iOS). Same value as the button text in the app Auto connect
-ip IP address of the mixer, remove if you want to start the search instead. Auto connect
-mixTarget Target mix for the access restrictions. See table below Auto connect
-web Port of the webserver (disabled by default) API
-osc Port of the OSC server (disabled by default) API


mixing-station.exe "-appSeries=X AIR" -ip= -mixTarget=-1

Mix Targets

Value Target
-1 No restrictions
0 Bus 1 / Mix 1
1 Bus 2 / Mix 2
... ...

Auto connect

Since V0.0.8 you can configure mixing station to automatically connect to a mixer on startup. See the example above.

Known issues

  • Intel HD Graphics 620, Driver - please downgrade to