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This page explains how the app stores settings. All settings are stored in a separate folder per mixer model.

There are 2 different settings categories: Session and user settings.

Global settings

These settings apply to the whole app and are stored for every instance of the app.

  • UI scale
  • Restricted access config
  • Last IP address and mix access

Session settings

These settings are saved when starting / closing the app and are stored for each mixer model separatly.

User settings

These settings are only saved if Autosave is enabled or the user saves the settings manualy.

To manualy save the settings open:

Menu -> Setup -> App -> Folder icon


Menu -> Setup -> Layer -> Folder icon


Menu -> Setup -> Layout -> Folder icon


Use the scope buttons to select which settings should be saved or loaded. Press and hold an entry to open a context menu.

Export / Import settings

You can export settings by opening the context menu and selecting "Share". Depending on the platform, multiple share options are available. For importing you can use the arrow menu button or select the file you want to import in a file explorer and open it with mixing station.