# About

Hi there, my name is David and I'm the founder of dev-core.

I'm a full time software architect and devops engineer developing all sorts of software and tools including but not limited to:

  • Full stack web applications / microservices
  • Native cross platform apps (Android / iOS / Windows / OSX / Linux)
  • Orchestration and deployment frameworks
  • Security monitoring applications

In my spare time I'm developing Mixing Station, or work as an audio engineer

# Skills and experience

  • 10+ years of software engineering and architecture
  • Programming languages: Java, Python, JS (ECMA 6), C#, C, ... (whatever fits the requirements)
  • Test driven development (from Unit to E2E tests)
  • Frontend: vuejs, tailwind, webpack, bootstrap
  • Backend: JPA (Hibernate), Memcached
  • CI / CD experience with Jenkins, GitLab, Openshift, and Teamcity
  • DevOps on Linux and Windows
  • Network protocol reverse engineering and parser development
  • Android USB driver development
  • Audio engineering