# Hello dLive!

A new milestone has been reached for Mixing Station

Mixing Station


# More Mixers!

A lot of stuff has happened since the last post, here are some updates.

Mixing Station


# Sneak peak

Today I want to give a sneak peak about upcomming features

Mixing Station


# More features!

Today a new update will be rolled out which includes a lot of new feautes and adjustments.

Mixing Station


# Google Play policy changes

Due to policy changes from google play Mixing Station won't store settings in an easy accessible location anymore.

Mixing Station


# Hello VI!

Mixing Station now supports the Soundcraft VI series

Mixing Station


# Oh apple...

The longer I develop for ios and osx the more I understand the frustration...

Mixing Station ios


# Mixing Station Android

The beta test has been completed and the new version will be rolled out.

Mixing Station


# Private beta for Mixing Station Android

I'm looking for beta testers for the new Android version of Mixing Station.

Mixing Station


# Future of Mixing Station for Android

Over the last few years android has been involving quite a lot. The most recent changes will have some major implications for Mixing Station.

Mixing Station


# Mixing Station Community

Since you might already know: Mixing Station has a lot of options and customization features. For beginners this can be overwhelming.

Mixing Station


# Using gradle in docker with Jenkins

Over the last few days I migrated the whole CI/CD pipeline from plain jenkins to docker with jenkins. What sounds like an easy task took way longer that it should have due to various pitfalls when using docker with jenkins. This also applies to builds running in openshift / kubernetes.

Jenkins CI/CD Development Gradle


# Connectivity!

The latest version (0.2.1 60) of Mixing Station PC adds API support.

Mixing Station


# WING updates and more

The update in the next week will add quite a lot of small features and fixes.

Mixing Station


# Mixing Station for PC

Mixing station for PC is now available for purchase

Mixing Station


# Behringer Wing

Behringer just released their new flagship console "Wing"

Mixing Station


# End of 2019

I wanted to give you a quick overview of what is planned for this year and what is expected to come in the future.

Mixing Station


# Closed beta of Mixing Station on PC

Over the last days I already received a LOT of mails regarding the beta. For of all: Thanks to everyone willing to participate!

Mixing Station


# Beta for Mixing Station on PC

It's finally ready: Mixing Station can now be tested on pc

Mixing Station


# Update for Qu

A new update for Mixing Station Qu has been released

Mixing Station