# WING updates and more

The update in the next week will add quite a lot of small features and fixes.

I plan to roll out an update for all versions this week. There will be a lot of smaller fixes and adjustments for across the board.

# Metering

The most noticeable one will be the metering scale:


The number of segments will now automatically scale according to the screen size. The first yellow segment will still always be +4dbU.

# Delay Setup

  • For XM32, QU, WING

The new delay setup view helps you to get an overview over all output and channel delays.


# XM32

The XM32 has a special "output routing" view which does show all outputs, their delay and the channel associated with that output.

Both views can be accessed via the main menu:

  • Routing -> Channel Delay


The update also adds support for the new firmware, including the new dyneq. Also the channel delay is now accessible from the app.

# SQ

It is now possible to access the GEQ of the bus channels of the SQ

# SI

An issue with the matrix sends have been fixed. The separate main L, R sends to the matrix have been combined to a single fader with pan.

Also the trim control is now correctly shown.

# Full changelog

As always the detailed changelogs can be found here.

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