# Mixing Station for PC

Mixing station for PC is now available for purchase

It took way longer than I initially thought I would be but you can now purchase mixing station for pc.

Although I thoroughly tested the license and purchase process there might be some issues at the start. If you're having trouble getting your license just send me a mail.

# General stuff

  • All the supported OS are listed in the manual.
  • Multitouch is supported starting with Windows 10.
  • All configuration files are compatible across all platforms. As you might already noticed there were some changes in the layout system. This was due to the fact that you can resize the window on PC which you can't do on mobile platforms. But now all layouts should scale just nicely.
  • Multi-Window is currently not supported but I'm already working on it.
  • Raspberry Pi is theoretically supported although I haven't had time to test it. Make sure to use an ARM64 os.

Happy mixing!

# Download

Click here to go to the download page.

Mixing Station
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