# Private beta for Mixing Station Android

I'm looking for beta testers for the new Android version of Mixing Station.

The new version will combine all current android apps into one. For this to work the app will use a similar license system as used by the desktop version of the app.

# Requirements

You'll have to fulfill the following requirements as a beta tester:

  • Own one or more pro versions of the android app
  • At least one device with one of the following stores:
    • Google Play
    • Amazon (Kindle)
    • No app store

# Test focus

The focus of the beta test will be the license migration and general license handling.

# Application

If you're interested please send me a mail to david[at]dev-core.org with the following:

  • Subject: Mixing Station Android Beta
  • Android Version
  • App store type

I'll contact you once the beta is ready.

Mixing Station
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