# Sneak peak

Today I want to give a sneak peak about upcomming features

# Settings cleanup

This annoyed me for a long time and confused quite a few users, so it was time to clean up.

Nearly all app settings (excluding layers, layouts and midi) are now stored globally and apply to all mixers. Why has this been done? Because most of these settings are specific to your workflow and tablet/phone, they are not related to the mixer you're controlling.

So what exactly is now a global setting?

  • All app settings options
  • Visible channels per layer
  • Channel strip settings

In addition to that the app will now present a "getting started" wizzard to you. This is intended especially for new users to get them started more quickly.

# New features

# Open FX actions

The action is now available for all mixers, should be pretty self explaining.

# Mute/DCA assignment actions

It's now possible to assign a channel to a dca/mutegroup using an action.

# Mix presets

The mix presets can now be accessed in the "no restrictions" access mode as well. For this you'll have open the "sends view" tab of a channel and press the gear icon.

# New Mixer

The next update will also add support for the Mackie DL32S mixer. Nearly everything has already been implemented, I just need to finalize the build for a beta release.

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