# More Mixers!

A lot of stuff has happened since the last post, here are some updates.

# Mackie

The Mackie DL32S and DL16S is now supported by Mixing Station. Most of the features have been implemented, and the missing features will be added in the next weeks.

# Soundcraft VI

In case you haven't noticed yet: The latest firmware for the VI mixers includes new features, specifically for Mixing Station. Using this firmware update you can fully control the FX parameters making it easy to adjust them on-the-go.

And there will be even more in the future!

# Avantis

Since today's beta update, the Allen&Heath Avantis mixers are supported as well. Currently, the app covers most of the basic mixing parameters. Feel free to join the beta and test it out for yourself.

The next updates will add more advanced features such as Inserts (DynEq), FX and Scenes.

# Enhance your mixer!

Mixing Station includes two new features which enhance the channel linking features currently available by most mixers.

This feature allows you to link parameters of multiple channels together. You can link as much channel together as you like - no even/odd pairs required!

You can access Channel Links via the main menu. More details can be found in the manual.

# Quick-Gang

Quick-gang is designed to quickly adjust parameters of multiple channels at the same time. An example would be to adjust the gains of all drum mics.

You can access Quck-Gang via the top menu while in the channel view.

As long as quick-gang is enabled, the regular channel links will be disabled.

# Next milestones

It is planned for the next couple of updates to add general improvements to the UI. This will include the connection screen, the routing matrix and the channel strip elements.

In addition to that I'll update the documentation, since some parts of it are outdated by now.

New "app wide" features won't be added until the missing parameters for the Mackie DL and Avantis have been added.

Mixing Station
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