# Closed beta of Mixing Station on PC

Over the last days I already received a LOT of mails regarding the beta. For of all: Thanks to everyone willing to participate!

For now I'll stop handing out licenses as I just got a flood of mails and quite a few things to optimize before rolling the app further out.

If you're still interessted feel free to download the app and test the offline mode.

# Known limitations so far

  • Multitouch on windows not working
  • Scrollwheel not working for all UI controls yet
  • ARMv7 support not available (arm64 works though)
  • Custom layout not scaling as expected (this will be a more global change on how the layouts scale)

I'll be working on those as well as other new features.

Once the app is stable and everything looks good I'll put the downloads and purchase links on the regular mixing station webpage.

Mixing Station
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