# Beta for Mixing Station on PC

It's finally ready: Mixing Station can now be tested on pc

First of all: Sorry for the very long delay! Most things with the app distribution and payment / licensing took longer than expected.

# Licensing

Mixing Station Pc will follow the same licensing as for iOS:

One app for all mixers. Each mixer series requiring a separate license. All mixers can be tested without a license in offline mode.

Up to 5 devices can be activated with a single license file.

As of now the only way to obtain a license is to become a tester. Once the app is stable it will be publicly available for purchase.

# Become a beta tester

You can download the app below and test the offline mode without any additional steps. If you want to become an "official" beta tester for the pre release phase please send me a mail with the following details:

  • Your name (required for creating a license)
  • What mixer models you want to test with (also required for the license)
  • Your platform (Windows, OSX, Linux, ..)

Depending on how many people are applying I will stop accepting new testers at some point.

# Download

The following data is collected by the software:

  • Unique hardware ID (anonymized - required for licensing)
  • App state (OS version, connected mixer model, firmware - required for crash reporting)

The data will be used for internal usage only.

There is also a minimal download available which does not contain the java runtime. This download can be used on other platforms such as ARM (raspberry pi) and is intended for advanced users.

Minimal download

# Updating

The app has an automatic update mechanism. Just make sure you're connected to the internet before starting and if there is an update you'll se a notification window appearing.

Mixing Station
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