# Hello VI!

Mixing Station now supports the Soundcraft VI series

In the latest update of mixing station, the app now includes support for the Soundcraft VI series mixers. All models of the VI series are supported.

As I don't have any physical VI mixer in my office the app has been developed with the help of the Virtual VI software. Currently Mixing Station only has access to the same parameters as the official ViSi Remote app (due to firmware limitations).

# Changelogs

In addition to the regular changelogs I also created a short video summarizing the biggest changes in the app: Youtube link. My video editing experience is quite limited, but I hope it gets the information across.

I also plan on doing some tutorial videos for certain more complicated features of the app, but there is currently no timeframe when it will happen.

# Coming up

In the next week(s) the plan is to public a bugfix release which will fix the issues reported in the last couple of days. Also since I'll be moving next week the development time will be cut short in that period.

Mixing Station
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