# Connectivity!

The latest version (0.2.1 60) of Mixing Station PC adds API support.

It is now possible to use REST or OSC to communicate with any supported mixer using mixing station.

The goal of the API was to provide a unified interface for your ideas while mixing station handles the protocol and data translation to the mixer. Most of the data can be accessed in the same way for all mixer and manufacturers supported.

All details can be found here.

# SQ

A new SQ version will be rolled out today adding support for the latest firmware as well as fixing a lot of bugs. The new PEQ filter types as well as the 62 band RTA is also already included.

As always the detailed changelogs can be found here.

# Auto reconnect

You might have already discovered the new auto reconnect feature. It allows the app to reconnect without leaving the current screen.

It still has some smaller bugs which will be addressed in the next update following this week.

# Improved access restriction

The access restriction has been improved to allow selecting multiple mixes at the same time. This makes it easy for monitor engineers to access only their mixes, without accidentally changing an FX or main mix.

Mixing Station
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