# More features!

Today a new update will be rolled out which includes a lot of new feautes and adjustments.

The most noticeable one is the migration dialog for the android legacy apps (Mixing Station XM32, Qu, SQ, ...). This dialog will ask you kindly to use the new app instead.

# UI

A new high resolution fader icon is used and the X32 channel icons are also updated to match the current firmware.

# Portrait modes

It's now possible to use the channel views in portrait mode. In general all channel views are now also responsive and adjust to your screen dimensions more nicely.

# Midi

Non motorized faders are now supported. The app will only change a value if it's close to the current one. You can configure this mode in the midi fader settings.

In addition, it's possible to assign and change the currently selected PEQ band. This allows you to only use 2-3 knobs to edit all peq bands.

# Vi

The GEQ is now accessible and connection to the Vi1k is fixed.

# Wing

Dedicated channel routing view, similar to the mixer. Also all routing views now show the signal level.

# SQ

The app can now follow the currently selected channel and/or mix of the mixer. This can be found in the app settings.

As always, a full changelog can be found here: https://mixingstation.app/changelogs

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