# Hello dLive!

A new milestone has been reached for Mixing Station

After a lot of requests I finally took a bite the bullet and purchases a dLive CDM32. The good news is that most of the things work as expected. So starting with 1.7.6 Mixing Station will officially support the dLive series.

The bad news is that features like scene recall and changing fx models might not be as easy as initially anticipated. Mostly because this logic is usually handled by the surface - and also because the CDM is always crashing on me when trying to access scene data, but I'll hopefully figure it out eventually.

# Cross mixer scenes

This feature has been included in a couple of versions now but nevertheless: MS Scenes are offline scenes which are stored on your device. They contain the entire mixer state and can be recalled on any compatible mixer. This means, similar to the MS Channel Presets, you can easily transport as scene to a completely different mixer.

The app also allows you to remap channels and filter recall scopes.

For sharing, you can use the community feature.

Mixing Station
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