# New website

Welcome to my new website!

Since my old site was slowly getting a bit old, didn't properly support mobile devices it was time to create something new.

In addition to that I also rebuild the support page for mixing station. It should now make it easier for you to classify where to ask your questions / ideas and how you will receive a reply for them.

The old comment section has been removed since this page had work without any cookies in order to get rid of the annoying DSGVO popups. If you want a place to discuss with other users there is an official facebook group for mixing station you can join.

As you might also have noticed the new support page has some license stuff in the menu. This is intended for the soon to be released Mixing Station for PC. I still have to fully document the licensing process and include the purchase link. In the meantime I will hand out some test license keys to a couple of key users for beta testing.

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