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This feature allows you to use multiple devices for mixing and synchronize app parameters.

You could for example use two tablets where one shows the channel details and the other the mixer. App-Link can synchronize the currently selected channel between those devices.


  1. Go to app settings
  2. Select App-Link
  3. Enable the feature on all devices you want to use this feature with

The table at the bottom shows all other devices found using App-Link




Enables the feature.

Device Name

The Device Name indicates the name of the current device. It's used for easier identification.

Group Name

Usually you don't need to change this at all.

All devices with the same group name communicate with each other. In case you have multiple independent persons using the app-link feature in one network make sure to change the group name.

Channel select

If enabled the app will send the currently selected channel to other apps in the same group

Custom Layouts / Open view action

The Open View action can also use App-Link to open the view on another device. To use this feature enable Open via App-Link.

Open view