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Channel strip settings

Channel strip settings These settings are related to the channel strips in the mixer and belong to the user settings


On the left side of the view you can change the size and position of the channel strip UI elements. Drag the green rectanges to resize the items. Drag anywhere else to change the position.

You can add new items by using the Add Item button. To remove an item simply click or long click on it.

Touch modes

It is possible to change the touch modes for this setup dialog using the Auto button in the top menu:

  • Auto: The item will be moved/resized depending on where you touch the icon
  • Resize: The item will always resized when dragging
  • Move: The item will always be moved when dragging


This section configures all sliders inside a channel strip (e.g. in the mixer and any other channel strip).


This section configures how the channel strip should behave

Fine fader ratio

Changes the sensitivity of the fader when fine mode is enabled

Channel click

Changes the behavior when taping a channel button

Channel long click

Changes the behavior when long pressing a channel button

Channel strip items

In this section you can select what items should be shown in a channel strip