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Channel strip settings

Channel strip settings

These settings are related to the channel strips in the mixer and belong to the user settings (i.e., they apply to all mixers).

For more advanced configuration options take a look at the custom layouts page.

Channel strip items

On the left side of the view you can change the size and position of the channel strip UI elements. Drag directly on an item to resize it. Drag on the left side of an item to change its position.


This section configures the fader.

  • Show groups: When enabled, all assigned DCA and Mutegroups will be shown on the right of the fader.
  • Fader touch: Defines what should happen if the fader is touched.
  • Double tap: Defines what should happen if the fader is double tapped.


This section configures all sliders inside a channel strip (i.e., in the mixer and any other channel strip). You can configure the sensitivity of the sliders, and what should happen if they get clicked.


This section configures the behaviour of the channel strip.

  • Highlight channel: If enabled, the currently selected channel is highlighted.
  • Fine fader ratio: Changes the sensitivity of the fader when fine mode is enabled.
  • Channel click: Changes the behaviour when taping a channel button.
  • Channel long click: Changes the behaviour when long pressing a channel button.
  • Sends click: Defines what happens when a sends slider inside the channel strip is clicked.
  • Sends readonly: If enabled, the sends sliders inside the channel strip are read-only (to prevent accidental changes).