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Surround Panning

Mixing Station support quadro surround panning (4.0) on all mixers.

Surround panning


You need two stereo (or linked) busses for the front and rear channel. The main channel is not used by the panner to ensure phase alignment.


  1. Connect to your mixer / start offline mode
  2. Press the ... menu button in the mixer view -> Surround Pan
  3. Select the bus that should be used for the front and rear channel
  4. Press Enable, then select Apply
  5. Enable the Surr.Pan element in the channel strip settings

These settings are kept for the specific mixer model. So you usually only need to set it up once.


To disable the surround pan mode:

  1. Press the gear icon -> Surround Pan
  2. Disable the Enable button, then select Apply


Click on the surround panner in your channel strip to open the panning dialogue:

Surround pan popup

In here you can either:

  • Press anywhere to immediately move the pan position
  • Drag the white pan indicator
  • Double tap anywhere to reset pan to the closest axis