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Global settings

There are two places for configuring global settings:

  • The Global settings view allows you to change generic settings such as UI scale, scroll behaviour or network interfaces
  • The App settings view allows you to change settings related to the mixing UI

Global settings

Open settings

The app settings can be opened via the menu from the start view (directly after opening the app)

Menu -> Gear icon


Update branch

Desktop version only

Configures which branch to use when checking for updates.


Changes the UI scale of the app.

Invert scroll

Inverts the mouse / touchpad scroll direction.

Access bus processing

When enabled, a user with restricted access to a single bus is allowed to access the processing of that bus.


Autostart allows you to configure which mixer the app should connect to when starting. This is useful for installation purposes where the app should always connect to a mixer without user interaction.


Only available on Desktop platform. Enables API access for Mixing Station.

Auto reconnect

When enabled, the app automatically reconnects to the mixer in the case of a connection error.


On the top right you can access the network interface settings. These settings are for advanced network configurations.