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Does this app work with my mixer?

Probably, take a look at the versions and features page.

How many app instances can I use?

This depends on your mixer. Some manufacturers / models have a hard limit how many clients can connect at a time. Best is to consult the manual of your mixer.

Will this app support mixer XYZ in the future?

Maybe. Adding support for a new mixer is a cost and time-consuming process. Due to lack of documentation for a lot of devices, a lot of time is required to fully understand the protocol used by certain mixers and implement it accordingly.

Because of that, either a good emulator or access to the actual hardware is required.

License activated too many times, what should I do?

Login to your mixing station account and deactivate old, unused devices. See manage activations for more details.

I changed devices, how to I restore my license?

The license restore process is described on the license page.

Note for Android users: If you migrated your license from the old app the only way to import it again is to import it using your Mixing Station account. You won't be able to restore it using the Google Play option.

I see no licenses in my account, what can I do?

Licenses are associated based on the email address provided during the purchase. On Google Play this is by default your gmail address, on purchases made via fastspring this is the email you've provided during checkout.

If this email is different from the email used in your Mixing Station account you can request a license move. To do that, please follow the "move license" section in the manual.

Is there a pdf version of this manual?

No, however you can open the print version of this page and save it as pdf in your browser.

I can't find the GEQ!

If you're using an XAir mixer make sure to change the EQ type to GEQ, see screenshot. In case the left sidebar is missing, press the top fullscreen button. xair geq

My faders in the channel view disappeared!

You're very likely in fullscreen mode which can be toggled via the top menu: fullscreen icon