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Versions and features

App versions

The app is available for two different platforms: iOS and Android. Since the app store policies are slightly different the app has different versions for each platform.


For Android the app is distributed as Free and Professional version. For each mixer there is a separate app in the app store.


For iOS only one app is distributed. This app can control all mixers and is only available as "pro" version. You can use all features of the app in the offline mode without paying anything. As soon as you want to connect to a mixer it's required to buy the app for the mixer model you want to connect to.


This page lists all the special features in the professional version.

Feature Pro Free Model Platform
Channel parameters X X Any Any
FX access X X XM32, XAir, Qu Any
Console settings X X XM32, XAir, Qu Any
Layers X X Any Any
Unlimited DCA X X Any Any
RTA X X Any* Any
Routing X X XM32, XAir, Qu Any
Password protection X X XM32/XAir/Qu Any
Different color schemes X Any Any
Configurable peak hold time X Any Any
Gate gain timeline X Any Any
Dynamic gain timeline X Any Any
PEQ preview in channel strip X Any Any
Meterbridge X Any Any
Supports development X Any Any
Re-Gain X Any Any
Custom layouts X Any Any
USB Midi X Any Any
Channel move X XM32 Any
Popgroups X Any Any
Dashboard view X Any Any
Automatic ringing out X Any* Any
Mix copy X Any Any

* Mixer must have RTA functionality