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Versions and features

App versions

The app is available for three different platforms: iOS, Android and Desktop.

Since the app store policies are slightly different, each app has different versions on each platform. Click on the left menu items to open the page for your platform and see further details.


For licensing information, please refer to the licensing page.

Compatible mixers

Please make sure your mixer has the latest compatible firmware.

Feature name Mixers Required firmware Notes
XM32 Behringer X32/M32(R) V1.15 or newer
XAir Behringer XAir or Midas MR V1.12 or newer
HD96 Midas HD96 series V1.24.0 or newer
dLive A&H dLive V1.93 or newer
Avantis A&H Avantis V1.12 or newer
iLive A&H iLive V1.94 Secondary mixracks and surface routing are not supported
SQ A&H SQ V1.4.1 or newer
Qu A&H Qu V1.90 or newer
CQ A&H CQ V1.1 or newer
Si Soundcraft Si V1.8 / V1.8 / V1-2 See HiQNet guide / limitations
Vi Soundcraft Vi (view details) Latest See HiQNet guide / limitations
Ui Soundcraft Ui Latest
Wing Behringer Wing Any
DL Mackie DL32S/DL16S/DL32R/DL1608 MFV V5.2 (Mandolin 1.6)
DM3 Yamaha DM3/DM3S V1.10 or newer See DM
TF Yamaha TF V4.50 or newer See TF


This page lists all the special features in the professional version.

Feature Pro Free Model Platform
Channel parameters X X Any Any
FX access X X Any Any
FX Presets X Any Any
Routing X X Any Any
Layers X X Any Any
Fixed layer mix X Any Any
Unlimited DCA X X Any Any
MCAs X X Any Any
Channel/DCA Spill X Any Any
App-Link X X Any Any
Gain/trim on fader X Any Any
RTA X X Any* Any
Channel links X X Any Any
Channel quick-gang X X Any Any
Different color schemes X Any Any
Configurable peak hold an decay time X Any Any
Gain reduction timeline X Any Any
Custom channel strip X Any Any
Meterbridge X Any Any
Cross mixer channel presets X Any Any
Personal mix presets X Any Any
Supports development X Any Any
Re-Gain X Any Any
Custom layouts X Any Any
Mix copy X Any Any
Midi device support X Any Any
Channel move X XM32 Any
Dashboard view X Any Any
Automatic ringing out X Any* Any
Password protection X X XM32/XAir/Qu Any

* Mixer must have RTA functionality