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Actions are used to assign a parameter or app functionality to a custom button/knob or midi controller.

Action types

Depending on the current mixer type more or less action types are available.

  • Channel based actions
  • Current channel: Actions for the currently selected channel
  • Current layer: Actions for the channels inside the current layer
  • Fixed channel: Actions for a fixed channel
  • FX: Actions for the FX racks
  • Mutegroup
  • Open view: Opens a view
  • Layer based actions
  • Sends on fader: Activates/Deactivates sends on fader
  • Select Layer: Selects a layer
  • ...

Label tags

It is possible to use dynamic text as a label for the UI items. To do so use one of the following tags:

Tag Action Description
[label] Any Shows a short description of the action
[value] Any Shows the current value of the action
[bpm] FX BPM for 1/4 notes
[sofname] Sends on fader Name of the current bus master
[shortLabel] Channel actions Short version of label
[chname] Channel actions Current name of the channel
[chnum] Channel actions Channel type + name (e.g. Mix 01)
[sendName] Channel send actions Name of the channel send used by the action
[fx] FX actions Name of the FX type
[varname] FX actions Name of FX parameter

Channel based actions

These actions can be used to change a value of a channel

  • Current channel: Values of the last opened channel can be changed
  • Current layer: Values of any channel in the current layer can be changed. Use the "Channel offset" parameter to select which channel of the current layer should be used (1 is the channel on the left).
  • Fixed channel: Changes a value of a fixed channel

Settings: Invert output

The Invert output button can be used to invert the output. This might be useful when you want to create a mute button, but the channel only got a "on" function.

Settings: Use SoF

When activated the Fader, Pan, On values will be affected by sends on fader. When this is disabled these values will always only affect the main mix.


Allows FX value changes. This action also has tap delay support for the time value of an FX.


Changes the status of a mutegroup

Open view

Opens a view in the app. Depending on the mixer more or less views are available. Note: No other actions in the list will be executed after this action. If you want for example to change a layer and open a view, place the "open view" action last.

Sends on fader

Changes the current sends on fader status and target mix.


The show action can load cues, scenes or other show related stuff. Depending on the current mixer the available actions might change.


  • Current: Does nothing but has the value of the currently loaded show item.
  • Go: Loads the item selected as next. Has the name of the next item as value
  • Next: Moved the next selection to the next item. Has the same value as Go
  • Go+Next: Executes Go and then Next
  • Prev: Moves the "next" selection one item back.
  • Go+Prev: Executes Go and then Prev
  • Load x: Loads the item as position X