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Getting started

See features for compatible mixers.

Offline mode

The offline mode provides access to nearly all app features without the need of connecting to a mixer.

Some features will not work in this mode:

  • Channel link
  • Mutegroups / DCA hardmute
  • Presets (if stored on the mixer)

Network setup

Please consult the manual of the mixer manufacturer on how to setup your network. Here is a basic sample configuration:

Device IP Subnet mask Misc
Wifi AP DHCP enabled - Range
Console -
Android Assigned by DHCP - -

For Soundcraft mixers also take a look at the HiQNet guide

iOS privacy settings

Starting with iOS 14 you need to exlicitly allow the app to communicate in your local network. iOS will ask you for your permission once you try to connect to a mixer for the first time. You can check the settings in iOS: Settings > Privacy > Local Network

First launch

When opening the app you'll see the launcher view. Launcher

This view allows you to configure where and how you want to connect to the mixer.

Mix access

Mix access allows you to restrict access to certain mix buses. The user will not be able to change any other mix than the ones selected. This is ideal for personal monitor mixing or dedicated monitor engineers. It is possible to limit the access to multiple mixes as well.

Console IP

This field allows entering the console IP address. It's only used the using the Connect button.

App version

In the bottom left of the screen you can see the version of the app

The top menu gives you access to the global settings as well as this help page.