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UI Controls

This page describes the most common UI controls and how to use them.

Note that if you are using a mouse, right click - in the following instructions - is equivalent to press and hold .


On Off
Button On Button Off

Long click

Button long click

Buttons with an indicator (...) in the top right have a long-click action. You can press and hold or right-click the button.


Default behaviour

  • Drag to change the value
  • Press and hold to open a popup for more precise control
  • Double tap to reset the value to the default

This behaviour can be configured in the app settings.


Knob values can be increased by dragging them up or to the right. When dragging to the top right, the values will increase more rapidly. To decrease the value just use the opposite direction as shown in the image below.




Drag the fader knob to change the value. If fine mode is enabled you can start dragging the fader from any position and the movements will be more precise.

Additionally, you can tap the areas highlighted in red above to nudge the fader by 0.25db increments.

  • GEQ: Double tap to reset the value


The behaviour of the sliders can be configured in the app settings. Default behaviour:

  • Double tap to reset the value to the default
  • Drag to change the value

Sliders are used in some FX views and in the knob popup described above. The white line indicates the default value for this parameter.

Slider popup

Text input

Input button

Dark buttons indicate a text input. Some fields may allow multiline text input. In iOS you can use the $ character to indicate a line break.

Channel buttons

The behaviour of these button can be configured in app settings. Default behaviour is as follows:

  • Tap Open channel details
  • Press and hold Open scribble strip

Channel buttons

Mixer sidebar


Contains two scrollable bars for layers and access to sends on faders

Fine mode

When enabled faders will be more less sensitive and you can make smaller adjustments.

Mute enable

Enables/disables every channel mute button in the app.

Layer buttons

Each button provides access to a single layer

  • Tap Select layer
  • Press and hold Edit this layer

Desktop only

  • Press and hold Allows you to open the layer in a separate window.

Mixer menu

The top menu provides access to other views and options. The exact items depend on the current platform and view.


The current view and additional information are display on the left.

The menu items are shown in a fixed order. If there are too many items, some will be hidden and accessible using the ... item.

Quick access

Mute groups

You can always open the mute groups from any view by double tapping with two fingers anywhere on the screen.

Clear solo

Press and hold the solo button to clear all solo. The button can be enabled in the channel strip via the app settings.

Solo button