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Channel Links and Quick Gangs

Channel Links allows you to link the values of multiple channels together. Quick-Gangs allows you to edit multiple channels relative to each other.

This video gives a quick demonstration about the two features:

Warning Using channel links on multiple mixing station instances at the same time may cause issues! It is recommended only to use this feature on one instance.

Open main menu -> Channel Links to open the Channel Links view.


  1. Adds a new link group
  2. Enables/Disables all link groups
  3. Opens the settings dialog

This section describes the meaning of the columns of the link table

Column Description
Name Name of the link group
Channels Number of channels included
Status Shows if the link is currently active
Startup Indicates if this link group will be enabled when opening the app

All channel links are stored automatically for the current mixer model. When connecting to a mixer, all links will be disabled by default. This can be changed in the settings.

  1. Press the + icon to add a new link group
  2. Select the channels you want to link
  3. Press the Scope button to adjust which parameters to link


The Apply after connect setting defines if the links marked with Startup: true should be enabled automatically after connecting to a mixer.


This feature allows you to quickly edit multiple channels at the same time. The difference between quick-gang and channel links is that quick-gang links all parameters relative to each other.

An example use case would be to adjust the gain of all drum channels by a certain amount - for example when the drummer suddenly plays louder than during soundcheck.

You can access this feature via the chain icon in the top menu of any channel view


Simply select the channels you want to gang together and hit Apply. A green icon indicates an active gang: active-gang

Press the icon again to disable the gang.