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Bus password protection

It is possible to lock certain buses with a password (Mixing Station only).


  1. Open the "Security view": Menu -> Setup -> Security
  2. Enter a password. The password will be stored in the XAir internal storage and is NOT encrypted
  3. Select the buses you want to protect. Main LR will lock the No restrictions mode.
  4. Press back to close the view and store the settings on the XAir.

When you connect to the XAir and the data sync is completed, a password prompt will be shown if the bus you want to access is protected.

Supported devices

All devices using Mixing Station. Any other app including the official XAir apps will simply ignore this setting.

Where is the password stored?

The password is stored in the last snapshot (50th position). The scope buttons are used to store the information about which bus is protected.

How to reset the password?

Save and then delete the 50th snapshot using any official XAIR-Edit app.