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What is a layer?

A layer defines what channels should be shown in the mixer. You can creates an unlimited number of layers and each layer can contain up to 32 channels in a user definable order.

Layers overview

This view shows all layers provides layer specific settings

Open from the mixer view:

Menu -> Setup -> Layers


Visible channels per layer

There are two modes on how the channels of a layer can be displayed:


This mode will always show all channels assigned to a layer. If required the channel strips will be resized so they fit on the screen


The selected number of channels will be shown. If a layer has less channels, placeholders will be shown. If a layer has more channels assigned they will be hidden.

Layer list

The list in the bottom of the screenshot shows all layers.

  • Drag left bars Reorder the layer item
  • Press and hold item Opens a context menu for editing / deleting

Add new layer

By pressing the + menu item you can add a new layer to the list. It will be appended to the bottom.

Editing a layer

A layer can be edited by selecting Edit from the context menu or by Press and hold a layer button directly from the mixer view.

Use the + button to add more channels / IDCAs to the layer.

Edit channel order