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Sends on faders

Sends on faders allows you to quickly access all sends to a certain mix. When enabled all faders will show the level send to the selected bus instead of the LR mix.

There are two possible UI modes available:

SoF list enabled (default) SoF list disabled
Sidebar Sidebar

Bus master

The bus master is the master channel of the currently selected mix. If sends on fader is disabled this will correspond to the LR mix. Otherwise to the selected target mix.

SoF list

This is the default UI mode. Here each mix is represented by a button. Pressing that button will enable sends on fader mode.

SoF list disabled

In this UI mode all mixes are hidden behind a context menu button. If you press this button you can select the mix. Additionaly you have to press the Snd-Fader button to enable sends on fader.